Garnet - Azacca Citra Pale Ale

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Garnet - Azacca Citra Pale Ale


A dry hopped hazy pale ale. The beer showcases Azacca and Citra without assaulting your palette with bitterness. Vermont Ale Yeast is used to ferment for complimenting fruit forward esters. Perfectly balanced to be refreshing as well as intriguing, Garnet is truly the perfect beer for any occasion.

ABV: 5.0%

Available in 473 mL cans

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Bright white head with good retention. Golden straw body that retains a dry hopped haziness.


There is an abundance of tropical fruit notes due to the Azacca hops. Citra brings even more citrus notes to carry out a complete fruit bowl of aroma. The Vermont Ale Yeast ties the two hops together with a myriad of fruity esters.


Hop forward with very little bitterness. Fresh fruit and slight spicy mango in the forefront. Fruit forward, including stone fruit and citrus from Vermont Ale Yeast.


Higher carbonation creates a refreshing crisp finish, yet smooth and slightly creamy from generous addition of oats.